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Prof. Dr. Necmi GÖKAY

Assistants Dean

Prof. Dr. Oya BALA

Doç. Dr. Mesut Enes ODABAŞ

Acting of Faculty Secretary

Yrd. Doç. Dr. Cemal ÇALIK


Programme Information, Our aim is to train competent dental students who can take an active role in both preventive and operative treatment procedures and responsive to developments in dentistry. We intent to teach students that oral health is an important part of the general health and there should be considered together as one. In our faculty the duration of education is 5 years and practice in the clinics starts at the fourth year.

Profile of the Programme, total education period is 5 years, 10 semestre. For 1-5 semestre education based on lectures and laboratory work, for 6-10 semestre education based on lectures and clinical studies. Courses in the curriculum of Faculty of Dentistry are generally taught in annual basis, in addition to this some of the courses are taught in semester basis. Therefore the curriculum is designed in annual basis. The curriculum is composed of basic medicine education as well as diagnosis and treatment of diseases concerning oral and neighbouring tissues. The main objective of the Dentistry Education is to grow dentists conforming to ethical issues, following the current scientific improvements and having moral values as to render service to the public as their mission.