Mission - Vision

Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry aims to school dentists who respect universal and ethical vtemmuzMartalues, use knowledge and produce new knowledge which they share, have a thinking procedure of research, inquiry and solution, prepared to a lifetime learning marathon needed in situations where competition and the speed of renovation is fierce and are masters in foreign language with its education and research activities.

Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry adapts a working and service mentality in its activities which embraces positive free thought within the lines of academic and ethical values, believes in the superiority of science, acts student oriented in education, gives importance to its staff’s and patients’ content, and looks for cooperating in harmony with external parties in order to reach perfection accepted in an international level.

Within the programs mission and vision, an attitude where the content of students, staff and patients who are the internal parties is taken, and a harmonized working organization is aimed between the Ministry of Health, Dentists Union, Dentists Associations and Specialist Foundations who are external parties in order to serve effectively.


  • To be faithful to Ataturk’s principles
  • To be faithful to the secular Republic’s principles
  • To believe in the universality of knowledge and science
  • To be faithful to ethical and academic values
  • To believe in the superiority of justice and basic human rights
  • To be futuristic and reformist